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Caylor Solutions is proud to underwrite and sponsor the website.

Much of our team are products of Christian Higher Education, and we are passionate about how the intersection of faith and education can impact not only the lives of students, but the lives of those with whom they interact.

Our philosophy of business is to look for the best marketing and branding ideas for our clients and assemble custom solutions that help them achieve their overall goals.

In the same way, the CHEFP has assembled these ideas for the pressing challenges in sustaining faith-based education. Through these new models, institutions can begin to assemble their own solution for the challenges of net revenue, long-term growth, and ultimate sustainability to be true to their mission.

As we move into this unknown time of disruption in education, may we challenge one another to think creatively, stretch our approach to problem solving, and stay true to our commitment to faith and the impact it has on our communities.

Kind Regards,

Bart Caylor
Caylor Solutions

P.S. Be sure to participate by commenting on each idea, sharing your own experiences, and joining in the discussion.