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Many private colleges are realizing that the economic/academic model of the past needs review. Some believe it is not sustainable for many campuses. But new models are mostly unknown or untested. The leaders below serve on this informal panel of experts to address the challenges of re-designing private, Christ-centered institutions of all types. We hope to encourage, if not facilitate, honest dialogue and help develop a culture whereby new models can emerge in a timely fashion. Other experts (not now permanently employed on one of the target campuses) may be added to the panel.

Christian Higher Education Futures Panel

Roster as of February 2015

  • Bob Andringa, president emeritus, Council for Christian Colleges & Universities
  • George Brushaber, former president, Bethel University; Chair, In Trust
  • Bill Crothers, president emeritus, Roberts Wesleyan University; interim president, Judson U.
  • David Gyertson, former president, Taylor University, Asbury College, Regent University
  • Bob Hodge, executive coach and consultant; former VP of Taylor University; former banker
  • Ed Johnson, president, Everest College Phoenix; former president, Sterling College
  • Dale Lefever, consultant; faculty emeritus, University of Michigan
  • Nick Wallace, partner, CapinCrouse and Director of Higher Education Services

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Bob Andringa, Ph.D., President Emeritus of the Council for Christian Colleges & Universities (1994-2006), has experience as a congressional committee staff director for higher education; policy director for a governor’s office; CEO of the Education Commission of the States; author and speaker; plus 27 years as a consultant to hundreds of faith-based governing boards including 50+ CCCU and seminary boards and their presidents. He is semi-retired (really, re-fired), living in Anthem, AZ (metro Phoenix).

George K. BrushaberGeorge K. Brushaber


George K. Brushaber, M. Div., Ph.D., retired in 2008 after more than a quarter century as president of Bethel University. Beginning in the mid-1960’s he held administrative positions at Christian colleges and theological seminaries in Massachusetts, California, and Minnesota. Combining journalism with administration, Brushaber was the founding editor/publisher of the Christian Scholars’ Review and served as executive editor of Christianity Today magazine. Currently he chairs the board of In Trust, an organization of 235 theological seminaries and faith-based colleges, seeking good governance, effective presidential leadership, and financially sound strategic planning.

CrothersBill Crothers


Bill Crothers, Ph.D., is Founding Partner, Presidential Leadership Associates, LLC; President Emeritus of Roberts Wesleyan College; Interim President of Asbury College; and on July 1, 2012 will be Interim President of Judson University.  He has an MBA in finance and a PH.D. in higher education.  He has served on several corporate and nonprofit boards.  From his home base in Davison, MI and winter home in FL, he is an executive coach and consults on governance, strategic planning, finance and fund development strategies.

GyertsonDavid Gyertson

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David Gyertson, Ph.D (Michigan State University – Higher Education) serves part-time as Distinguished Professor of Leadership Formation and Renewal working with doctoral level students in the Schools of Education and Business at Regent University. Having been the President of Regent University, Asbury University and Taylor University, he is now focusing his “capstone years” investing in the next generation of leaders for Christ-centered colleges, universities, seminaries and other Christian education endeavors. David serves as a leadership coach/mentor, executive search consultant and Board development trainer. David splits time between Virginia Beach, VA and Burbank, CA.

HodgeRobert Hodge

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Robert Hodge has been in private higher education for thirty years. With an MBA and a career in banking, he served as a vice president at Taylor University for twenty years in planning, strategic projects and systems. He currently is a full-time executive coach to leaders and boards of non-profits, focusing on multi-organizational collaborations, strategy, leadership development and transitions, and board development. He facilitates the collaborative initiatives of the thirty-one independent colleges in Indiana and several other college consortia. He serves MissionExchange as a consultant for collaboration and leadership transitions, and the Association for Biblical Higher Education as a Fellow for collaboration.

JohnsonEd Johnson


Ed Johnson, JD and Ph.D., former president of Sterling College (KS) and now president of Everest College Phoenix, has 30 years experience in both public and private higher education. He served as executive director of the AZ Commission for Postsecondary Education and has been an innovator in new models of higher learning including the San Juan Colleges project in CA. Ed focuses on strategic planning, academic program growth, regulatory compliance, and community partnership development.

LefeverDale Lefever

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Dale Lefever, Ph.D, is an emeritus faculty at the University of Michigan; an academic administrator in health care for 40+ years; a national consultant since 1973 to hundreds of leaders in health care, justice system administration and nonprofit boards in the areas of executive and team development, strategic planning and change management.  He has worked with three CCCU boards and their presidents, along with other faith-based organizations, in the areas of strategic planning and board governance.  He lives in Ann Arbor, MI and continues with a full-time consulting practice.

WallaceNick Wallace

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Nick Wallace, Partner, CapinCrouse LLP, has either worked in higher education (2 years at Biola University) or served as auditor and/or consultant to over 50 Christian colleges for over 30 years in his work at CapinCrouse LLP (CPA’s). He has served the ABHE as Accreditation Commission member and led their Financial Exigency Committee (6 years). He also served the Association of Theological Schools in their Lilly Endowment funded study of Financially Stressed Seminaries. Nick lives in Indianapolis, but travels nationally in his role as the firms National Director of Higher Education Services.