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Purchase or build a Christian living center or learning center “across the street” from a major public university. Rent the center to Christian students (or even Christians working in the area). Benefits of your living/learning center include the following:

  • Safe, clean residential housing
  • Christian spiritual formation mentors
  • Specialized library
  • Life coaches (maybe InterVarsity, Cru or other staff)
  • Classes (see below)
  • Amenities (see below)


Offer several on-site classes from the (public) university’s catalog. Arrange for Christian faculty from the nearby public university to teach these classes, especially those who yearn to teach more openly from their Christian worldview.


Leave the funding headaches of the amenities “arms race” behind. Let the public university provide the majority of courses as well as amenities:

  • the main library
  • science labs
  • performing arts
  • physical fitness centers
  • competitive athletics
  • other things most students want

Charge competitive rental fees and use a break-even financial model.

Use either not-for-profit or for-profit.

If you’re a stronger institution, use this idea as an add-on for greater Kingdom impact or an alternative to existing campuses.

Give students better amenities by opening a living or learning center near a public university.