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Expand beyond your institution’s home site and plant a second campus somewhere else.┬áThis idea is already familiar to colleges and universities that set up satellite campuses a few miles away or thousands of miles across the country.

Consider these opportunities as you look for a place to expand:

  • Near Non-Christian Campuses
  • Near Hospital Systems
  • In Growing Cities
  • Near Church Groups
  • In Warmer Climates

Near Non-Christian Campuses
There are cities without Christian institutions that desire to have one or desire to add more.

Near Hospitals
There are hospital systems that will subsidize campuses to come near them for various health care programs.

In Growing Cities
Some cities are now competing to attract campuses, believing good cities have college campuses.

Near Church Groups
Many denominations have concentrations of churches in parts of the country where there is no nearby campus to serve their interests.

In Warmer Climates
Northern campuses may want a warmer climate for their students and faculty to consider spending a semester.