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Partner with the right foreign campus or build one from scratch, providing student education, living, and learning in another (lower-cost) culture. A foreign campus could benefit your institution by:

  • Attracting students who desire to study abroad
  • Supporting your missions emphasis
  • Encouraging international enrollment
  • Offering a blended class-online format

Attract students who desire to study abroad
How many of your incoming freshman want to study abroad? Some studies show at least 50% of all incoming freshmen today say they want to study abroad. Only 3% actually get the opportunity. Your institution could grow just by giving your students that opportunity.

Support your missions emphasis
Many Christian campuses have strong missions organizations and churches with whom they could collaborate. Why not show your support by setting up a campus near a foreign mission field?

Encourage international enrollment
Having a campus overseas fosters an intercultural environment that draws more students from around the world.

Offer a blended class-online format
Courses or programs combining in-class participation and online instruction may help your faculty reach both campuses.

The Across the World idea fits with the increasingly popular concept of globalization.