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Create co-op programs for students or graduates to work in the community or local marketplace. Provide these opportunities as optional or required courses, or provide them to qualified graduates.

Resulting resumes will show meaningful job experiences in addition to a college degree.

Creative ways you can implement this idea:

  • Job Guarantee
  • Job or Refund
  • Partner with alumni or friends
  • Partner with employers
  • Locally-based certificates or degrees

Let’s look at each point in more detail.

Job Guarantee
“Guarantee” a job for the first year out of college for those who do not land one on their own.

Job or Refund
Refund the last year’s tuition those those who are not placed in a job within six months.

Partner with alumni or friends
Tap committed alumni or friends who support this concept to provide those jobs.

Partner with employers
Be open to partnerships with large employers in your community.

Locally-based certificates or degrees
Build the program around a solid general education core, but offer degrees and certificates that reflect the region’s economic future and student career interests.