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Since the church is growing most rapidly in the Southern Hemisphere, we need one or more Christian universities to provide educational opportunities for kingdom impact.

How long distance learning could work:

  • Classes meet in local churches
  • Classes are taught online
  • Students are guided by course mentors

Set up your online “campus” in the local church or school building with course instruction delivered via the web or other distance learning tool. Have on-site paid or volunteer “course mentors” to guide students. Course mentors can also guide via email and social networking if they are scattered around the globe.

Besides class time guidance, organize additional “study groups” in major cities to bring people together.

Partnership websites
With Coursera, Udacity and many other new online ventures, there might be other good partnership opportunities with a global reach.

Learn from others
Perhaps one of the strong, proven online universities would provide the expensive online courseware and management system, allowing the leadership to focus on the more important strategies of transformation.

Use a nonprofit strategy to appeal to many donors or a for-profit model to appeal to investors.

While totally online is not the perfect model, the All Web model does have the potential to reach hundreds of thousands of Christians who may never have the option to learn from a Christian worldview.